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ESPAnet Doctoral Workshop, Mannheim, July 4-6, 2013    

 Presenter Presentations    
 Emmengger, Patrick PPT    
 Braun, Michael PPT    
 Ferragina, Emanuele PPT    
 Wagemann, Claudius PPT    
 von Oorschot, Wim PPT    
Stream A  (Room B 317)

DayTimePresenter Presentations Title Discussant1 Discussant2
Thu15:45Maier, Christopher PPT Self-Interest or Solidarity? Public attitudes towards Labour Market Policies in Europe   Emmenegger Oorschot
Thu16:45Naumann, Elias PPTRealized risk exposure and welfare attitudes - The influanza wave of 2008 as a natural experiment  Oorschot Braun
Fri09:30Garritzmann, Julian PPTIndividual preferences towards tuition fees and subsidies  Wendt Braun
Fri10:30Hess, Moritz PPTAgeism in Europe - Macro Level Explanations  Giger Wendt
Fri14:00Thewissen, Stefan PPTSectoral trends in earnings inequality and employment in international perspective Globalisation, SBTC, or institutional change?  Braun Hofäcker
Fri15:30Ponomarenko, Valentina PPTScarring Effects on Old Age: The Impact of Unemployment on the Life Satisfaction in Retirement  Hofäcker Ebbinghaus
Fri16:30Jeannet, Anne-Marie PPTImmigration and Public support for Redistribution in Europe: Learning from the 'Big Bang' Enlargement  Braun Oorschot
Sat09:00Bartova, Alzbeta PPTApplication of Multilevel Methods in Policy Research: A Way to Distinguish Policy Effects from Compositional Effects.  Koos Emmenegger
Sat10:00Callens, Marie-Sophie PPTContextual Determinants of perceived threat. A cross-cultural comparison of European and non European countries.  Oorschot Koos
Stream B   (Room B 318)   
Thu15:45Keilthy, Patricia PPTSocial Inequalities in Child Well-being: A comparative Sutdy of Ireland and Denmark  Giger Hofäcker
Thu16:45Domonkos, Stefan PPTWho wants the Flat Tax? Individual and contectual determinants of tax-policy preferences in post-socialist Eastern Europe  Drahokoupil Giger
Fri09:30Fervers, Lukas PPTEuropean Welfare States on the Road to Social Investment: Welfare State Structure, Skill Formation and Labour Productivity   Hofäcker Ferragina
Fri10:30Biegert, Thomas PPT(Con)-Sequences of Non-employment in the UK and Germany: Comparing Processes of Labour Market Reintegration with Optimal Matching  Ferragina Emmenegger
Fri14:00Stolz, Erwin PPT
Long-term care and social inequality in European welfare states: A combined multilevel regression and fuzzy set analysis

  Drahokoupil Koos
Fri15:30Botelho de Azevedo, Alda PPTCombining macro and micro level analysis in international comparative housing research  Ferragina Wendt
Sat09:00Hämäläinen, Saara PPTThe role of social policy in poverty reduction. A cross-European study on life course changes and dynamics of poverty  Drahokoupil Bahle
Sat10:00Römer, Friederike PPTPicky but Generous, Open but Cheap – or Something in Between?   Giger Bahle
Stream C   (Room A 230)  
Thu15:45Chevalier, Tom PPTThe different paths towards familialism: Social Policies towards young people in France and the UK  Bahle Ebbinghaus
Thu16:45Kunze, Martin PPTCompanies as addressees of the Social Question. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Energy Sector in Germany and Great Britain  Ebbinghaus Koos
Fri09:30Adascalitei, Dragos PPTEconomic Crisis and Pension reforms: the cases of Romania and Bulgaria  Bahle Wagemann
Fri10:30Gelepithis, Margarita PPTUnlikely advocates of outsider interests: the role of the pension industry in universalizing reforms   Wagemann Ebbinghaus
Fri14:00Walter, Andre PPTOpposition to Immigration across Welfare State Regimes: A large-N fsQCA  Ebbinghaus Wagemann
Fri15:30Yang, Nan PPTBeyond productive dimesion: East Asian welfare in transition  Wagemann Drakokoupil
Fri16:30Schwindt, Nicola PPTThe labour market behavior of older women in international comparison   Koos Bahle